Motherhood is precious. It is divine.

A survey taken in the US found that only 48% of mothers feel appreciated most of the time, and that almost 20% felt less valued by society (M.F. Erickson & Aird, 2005).

That means that more than half of the moms in this country feel under-appreciated. This breaks my heart! So mommas, this one is for you.

Moms, listen hear. I am not a mom, but I have a mom, I watch moms like a creep, and I can’t wait to be a mom one day. I can’t wait to rock that little one to sleep, send them to school, watch their football games and dance recitals. There is nothing I’ve wanted more ever since I can remember than to be a mom.

That said, I know it isn’t all snuggles and laughs. It’s dirty diapers, long nights, heartaches, tests of patience, and so much more. Being a mother is not an easy task. It’s hard, and exhausting I am sure.

I will never forget the day my best friend had her first baby. I can’t even put it into words, but she changed when she became a mom. She had the “mom glow”, we called it. Her whole world revolved around that baby boy. All the kind, nurturing, loving qualities she already possessed were magnified. Moms are seriously so incredible. There is something so selfless, so pure about a mothers love.

Ladies, you are so needed. That little one crying, he needs you. The toddler climbing around you, he needs you. The six year old with the skinned knee, he needs ya . Even the teenage girl who acts like she doesn’t, she needs you too.

That nurturing, loving, care you give is a divine gift from the Father to you. He has given us as women certain qualities and characteristics to help us raise our children. Mothers become partners with God in raising His children. We can always go to Him for help, they are His kids too.

“Motherhood is near to divinity. It is the highest, holiest service to be assumed by mankind. It places her who honors its holy calling and service next to angels.” J Reuben Clark JR.

Because your role is so important and essential in the lives of your family, 3210Satan will do everything in his power to tell you otherwise. He will tell you what you’re doing isn’t important, making you believe that motherhood isn’t enough in society. He might make you think that you aren’t doing enough, that you aren’t measuring up to other moms, or that you have failed at some motherly duties. He will ask you to trade those pure, delicate traits for harsh, coarse ones.

I can testify that what you are doing IS important. Those little ones (and even those 22 year old ones) need all that you are. You are involved in the most important work on earth. As you build a home of peace and love, you are contributing more to society than you could any other way.

I hope you know how loved you are not only by those little ones (or big ones), but also by the One who’s little ones they are. He knows your name. He knows your struggles, the daily ones, and the ones that seem to never end. He knows all you are capable of and has sent you special spirits to help Him take care of and to help you become more like Him.

“The work of a mother is hard, too often unheralded work. Please know that it is worth it then, now, and forever.” Elder Jeffery R. Holland.

Motherhood is precious. It is divine.