Almost daily, I realize how differently I think about things than my father, my brothers, or other guy friends.


-When a boy gives me directions, I literally do not understand what he is saying (North, South, East, West, what does that even mean?).He might as well be speaking a foreign language.

-Trying to get details from my brothers about the girls they like, what they did that day, or anything about their feelings is sometimes like pulling out teeth.

-Dad is frequently teasing me about how I am so scattered brained, how I always have a million things on my mind, or how I’m trying to accomplish four different things at once.

-Girl friends who can tell within minutes of being with you that something is wrong. While you’ve been with your boyfriend all day and he hasn’t seemed to notice a thing.

Do any of these situations sound familiar? It’s obvious to see that we think differently. Men and women do not think the same.

Dr. Ragini Verma has found significant differences between the brains of men and women. She found that men have more connections within the each hemisphere of the cerebrum, making them better at focusing on one specific task. Women have more connection between hemispheres of the brain, making them better at multitasking and putting information together (reasoning and analyzing). In The Family: A Proclamation to the World we learn that a man’s role is to provide, preside, and protect. While at work, men are able to focus on the task at hand. When they come home, they are able to focus on being home with their children and their wife. Because of their multi-tasking brain, women who work outside the home might have a harder time focusing at work with lots of other things on their mind (like their children at home, the family reunion this weekend, etc.)  or forgetting about work when they are at home. The multi-tasking brain comes in handy for mom when making sure all the children’s needs are being met, juggling everyone’s schedule, keeping up with housework, and getting food on the table.

Gray Matter and White Matter differences show that woman are more apt to empathize, to listen then respond (verbally), and to observe emotions. Men are more likely to communicate non-verbally. They are action focused, have more of a spatial orientation, and are protective.

All of these differences can come together to make something more whole. We can help each other to learn, grow, and progress as we share our divine skills with each other. The different qualities of men and women’s brains help in their roles as father and mother. The way they rear and nurture their children isn’t exactly the same, but both are needed and teach children different skills.

I feel that God literally designed us differently to fulfill the roles He established for us. The divine gifts we’ve been given, even the way our brain works, helps us to fulfill our eternal roles as mothers and fathers, and allows us to compliment each other in a way that can unite us and make our relationship whole and complete.